Stay Home

Stay Home

Ayden Wacker

Selfishness has caused tragedies all throughout history. A need to fulfill one’s own satisfaction level instead of worrying about the majority. It has only caused problems, yet people still do it. Just like in this pandemic of COVID-19.

All throughout the world people are seeing a hangout with friends as more important than the safety of everyone else. People are interacting with tons of other people, and then those people will see other people, and then it will never end. That hangout might seem very important, but it is not worth risking your life and other people’s lives.

A goal of governor Mike DeWine’s is to make the virus last longer but not peak. When the virus peaks a ton of people are effected at one time, which could cause people to panic. Panic is what makes a state go downhill, and DeWine knows this, so he closed schools and put Ohio on lock down immediately. This immediate action could possibly be what saved us in the future.

Through text, I asked Mark Jarrous, a student at Lakewood High School, what he thought about these selfish people, he said, ” This is a time where people’s safety should be the most important thing, not having a good time. I hope the people who think having a good time is important realize that they are hurting others with their actions.”

Going out is fun, but getting sick and possibly not surviving is not. Therefore people should delay that hangout and just stay home!