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    Ohio’s Goal: Our Life Back


    How will we overcome this quarantine? Nobody knows for sure yet how things will turn out in the end. How long it may take for full recovery of the virus and the economy is quite unknown as well. The state of Ohio, under orders by Governor Mike DeWine, has been in quarantine since March 13th. These social distancing orders are extended until May 1st.

    Online schooling is moving forward as school districts, including Lakewood City Schools, are wrapping up the last few weeks of the year. Very few states have already called that students will not return for the rest of the school year. For Ohio, as of right now, it has not yet been determined if classrooms will be filled in May. Everyone, being full of boredom, would probably say that they would love to go back to school before another three months  off for summer break. If school does not return to normal this year, virtual instruction will continue until further notice.

    What about our class of 2020? This global pandemic has changed so many fun and important things. Seniors that were looking forward to their last moments of high school before moving on with their adulthood life, have had those experiences taken away from them. Prom, graduation ceremonies, and spring sports are all uncertain. Hopefully, events will be postponed in a manner which celebrates the class of 2020, and the moments they deserve.

    Ohio, as of now, sees improvement throughout the Coronavirus pandemic. We may soon see a peak in our cases. If this happens soon and effectively, there may be more hope of returning to our “normal” everyday life. Everyone would like to have a summer they want after being quarantined for so long. Stay tuned to news sources leading up to the due date of “freedom,” May 1st.

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