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    A Quarantine Routine

    A Quarantine Routine

    Recently, I talked to Lakewood High School Junior, Cara Harmon, about how different everyone’s daily lives are: how different our daily routines are. She answered a few questions on what she thinks of this, and how her schedule has changed, similarly to everyone else’s our age.

    Do you miss school? If so, what about it?

    I really miss school, and getting to see my friends everyday; they were what got me through the day.

    How do you feel about online schooling?

    I think online schooling is very different. It is not very ideal for everyone. However, we are all making it work.

    Besides school, what else do you do throughout your day? Describe your routine.

    Some things I do throughout the day are working out, puzzles with my family, or doing artwork. I have even baked some things.

    Are your parents home too? What is that like?

    Everyone in my house is home now, and it can get very loud and overwhelming, especially when trying to do homework, but it all ends up being okay.

    How different do you think things would be if social media didn’t exist?

    I think it would be a lot harder if social media didn’t exist because its not like we can walk up to someone’s door face to face. Its very helpful to stay connected with everyone, and support each other.

    Is there anything you have learned throughout this process so far?

    I’ve learned through all this is how much we take our daily things for granted: going to school, playing sports, giving hugs, and hanging out with friends. I hope to come out of this with a new perspective, and be a lot more grateful for the things I have.


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