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    Things to Do While in Quarantine


    While in lockdown, it’s often hard to think of things to do, especially as a teen. But, just because we are stuck at home doesn’t mean we have sit around all day. There are productive, enriching, and fun things we can do to stay active; especially when we have to spend a lot of time on computers. It’s important to get up once in a while and walk around, even if it’s just a five-minute break. If you don’t want to work all day, you can pack in the assignments, as it’s good to have a plan going in. But, if you want to really spread things out, you can take a break between assignments.

    You can always go on walks during quarantine, just with the people you live with or by yourself. If you see someone else on the sidewalk, it’s a good idea to walk to the end of the sidewalk; hopefully they will as well. It might even be a good idea to take a mask with you; however, this won’t stop you from being at risk. But, this will keep you from spreading any germs you may be exposed to. Long walks can be good exercise, and are a good way to clear the mind in these stressful times, especially if you listen to music.

    If your spring sport’s season was cut short, it’s still a good idea to practice in every way you can, even though you may not be returning to it. It’s good exercise, and if you intend on playing next year, you won’t want to be out of practice. If you play a fall or winter sport, it is also a good idea to get in some extra practice while you have the spare time.

    Cooking is another fun and challenging activity you can do to pass the time. Learning to make something creative can challenge the mind. After all, it’s still important to stay healthy, and having some healthy recipes up your sleeve would be very helpful for your future. The productive activities you can do are endless.

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