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    Are we returning to school starting in May?


    Some might say that going back to school before summer break is a good idea, while others may say it is a bad idea. Ohio, along with other states, has shut down schools since March 13th. A social distancing policy is due to quarantine and is now the way citizens are living. Returns were supposed to start April 6, but nothing was ready yet. With a peak of cases in the United States, should the economy and classrooms return to normal?

    The country has had its major downfall regarding the economy and the many lives lost due to COVID-19. We need to open it back up as soon as possible. May 1st is a great goal to try to reach. To get businesses and other important works back, May could be a great month to get everything going slowly. Although the virus will not be completely gone, it will still take time to overthrow it. How do we do this social distancing if we go back? We will definitely see a new way of life during this year, or for however long it takes to return to normal.

    Schools, in my opinion, would be great to go back to, but it may not be the best idea. Governor Mike DeWine wants to start up the workforce on May 1st, but his sending everyone back to school may not be so pretty. Zero social distancing occurs when in school, switching between every classroom of thirty students. Masks and other safe materials may not always be provided to everyone. Some people may even have fear of going back to school this year. So for schooling again, I would call it a year on top of the online virtual learning.



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