Shedding A Little Light

Shedding A Little Light

Mallory Moorman

With everything going on in the world today. There’s no doubt everyone could use a little something to look forward to. A little something to keep us all going on. There are many things we could take a closer look at for some hope. One of them being the weather.

Although Ohio isn’t the best place to look to for perfect weather, is it worth a shot right? Just recently it snowed. That may have been really depressing, and annoying to many of us to think that we haven’t even passed the winter weather. There also has been lots of rain, and cloudy days. As Ohioans we can definitely say we have a our fill of  not so good weather.

However we must stay positive for there are better days coming. April showers, do in fact bring May flowers.

Good weather in a time like now would really do us good. Being able to get out of the house and feel the sunshine is one thing many other states take for granted, but not us. Lakewood is one city that would definitely show how thankful we are for the weather if it got a little nicer. Citizen would be out and about on bike rides, and walks.

In fact Lakewood is even doing this now, when the weather is not as nice as it could be.  So I believe I speak for many when I say that I hope the sun comes out soon to shed some light on these not so bright times.