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    “Not The Same” Sonnet by Emily Keegan


    This home feels cold and empty.

    Nothing more other than the air floating around.

    At times, there are figures in the shape of you,

    but I remember that you are not here physically,

    Spiritually is not enough.

    That does sound pretty greedy, but it’s not the same as it used to.

    Seeing these images of you, makes me go back to that day

    the day that you lost your last breath.

    Right in front of me, it never goes away.

    It haunts me

    At all times of the day.

    The sound sticks there in my mind.

    I think of when it will go away,

    but it is a way to keep you around in a way, mentally.

    This place doesn’t feel the same without you

    The cold breeze blew.

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