States Irresponsible Handling of the Pandemic

States Irresponsible Handling of the Pandemic

Caden Stanuch

Corona virus is a danger to everyone on the planet. It is highly contagious, can not shows signs of infection for weeks at a time, and has the powers to severely harm and kill people. The total cases count nearing 2,600,000, and a death count just under 180,000 worldwide. It is everyone’s  job to try to keep away from people as much as possible and stay safe, not just for themselves, but for others.

But, a few US states having decided to ignore the dangers and being to reopen their businesses and attractions. Georgia Governor Brian Kemp has granted businesses across the state permission to reopen later this week. Additionally, South Caroline Governor Henry McMaster has announced that beaches and retail stores can reopen Tuesday.

I find this to be insanely irresponsible and foolish on both of these men’s parts. The world is still under a huge amount of stress, and the threat of the virus has not gone away. The amount of cases continues to grow, and with the world finally beginning to control the outbreak, hastily opening everything back up to the public could get potentially millions of new people infected

It is everyone’s job to stay away from one another until things with the virus can be figured out, and doing this can only cause problems. I do not understand the reasoning behind their decision, and I hope that they change their mind before it is too late.