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    Don’t do these things after the quarantine ends


    Everyone is looking forward to finally going outside and enjoying life again, but unfortunately things won’t be going back to normal anytime soon. Even when the lock down finally ends, it will still be dangerous to do certain activities. We certainly don’t want this situation to be repeated just because some immature individuals made the wrong choices in this delicate time, so please don’t do the following things after the quarantine ends.


    1.Don’t throw away your protective masks and gloves. Nobody knows for sure that there won’t be another virus peak next fall, so we should always be prepared for the worst.


    2.Don’t go to malls or restaurants right away. We all miss shopping and eating meals out, but we should prioritize our safety rather than our entertainment. Many people are going to rush to these places first, so you better not make the same mistake. With fewer people attending places like these, they won’t become overcrowded (which is what we’re aiming for), and you can help by simply avoiding them for some more time.


    3.Don’t plan to visit another city, or worse, another country, in the near future. Try to stay as local as possible. By doing this, you will be in contact with fewer people, which reduces the risk of you getting the virus, or if you already have it, it reduces the risk of you spreading it.


    4.Don’t plan huge gatherings like parties, meetings, or ceremonies. Again, it is quite important that we continue to social distance even after the quarantine ends so that we can prevent the virus from spreading at higher rates. If we don’t do that, it means we stayed in lock down for nothing, and we will go back to where we started. Our well-being is a crucial part of our life, so we need to protect it at all costs. Besides, parties, meetings, and ceremonies can wait.


    We all know these are difficult times, but together, we can all contribute in flattening the curve so that life goes back to normal as soon as possible.

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