Why Colleges Should Wave Testing

Why Colleges Should Wave Testing

Ayden Wacker

This pandemic is a time where everyone is mainly worried about one thing and one thing only, not getting the virus. But at the same time we have to worry about grades and doing good in school.  Therefore it is more difficult to stay on track because two big things are on our minds. Colleges should consider this.

Case Western Reserve University has recently made a the SAT and ACT not a requirement to be accepted into college for the class of 2021. They decided that they should cut, the people suffering through this the most, some slack. A decision that has now relieved some of the people dreaming to go to the school because they now can put more focus on staying healthy.

Other schools can do this just as easily as Case did. By doing this people who are so worried about this pandemic can finally feel some relief. Students will be able to spend less time studying, and more time keeping themselves happy and healthy. Some students put most of their adolescent life’s time studying for this test, therefore getting rid of it would allow them to see a new light and focus more on their career and not getting the virus.

Through text, I asked Elijah Moncrief, a student at Lakewood High School, what he thinks about colleges following in Case’s foot steps during this pandemic. He said, ” During this time me and my family’s main focus is not getting the virus. With the SAT and ACT requirement being off out plate, I think we will have more time for that.”

A pandemic is a time where people should only have one focus, and with just a little consideration colleges can allow people have this focus and more.