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    Life After Quarantine: A New Lifestyle


    Hold on…slow your roll! Yes, Governor Mike DeWine says the state of Ohio will start slowly reopening on May 1st, which is actually just around the corner. This does not mean the return of life like how it was before the pandemic in such a rush. The reasoning to that can be much worse than the fall of our economy, we’re talking people’s lives. Work life should return in a safe responsible manner to keep everyone safe the best way possible.

    How will life look when May 1st comes and so on? Well new conditions and protocols will be major factor to contribute to safety. Many questions are to be asked on what people can do and what they cannot do. The virus is still out there that can cause another tragic peak of infections that can be prevented. Restaurants may slowly continue take-out procedures and may gradually allow dine in for customers. Everyone may have to wear a face mask or protection of some sort when in an area with other people.

    This might also go for hair and nail salons. Meaning a certain amount of people may get hands on treatment. Gyms may require a certain amount of people working out in a particular area. Could people hang out with each other again? A possibility seems true as long as it follows on how many people and setting. So life will be here again, it might take some quite time. This is disappointing to most, but what is important is the risk of increasing cases of the monster that created all of this.

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