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    Student of the Week: Payton Rossen

    Student of the Week: Payton Rossen

    Through these difficult times, it is important to recognize those around us for the hard work they put in and their positive impact on their communities. I sat down for a virtual interview with Lakewood High School senior, Payton Rossen. Payton is a very involved student who was nice enough to share with us some updates on her life.

    Terence (Me): How have you been keeping busy during this time, what’s is your daily schedule?

    Payton: I wake up at twelve, sometimes at 2, I usually play Fortnite for a while with my friends and then go back to my room and wait for dinner. To pass the time I face time with my friends a lot.

    T: What has been the most difficult aspect of the pandemic?

    P: Not being able to see my friends, and missing all of the exciting stuff we were promised for our hard work.

    T: Anything in particular?

    P: Prom and graduation are the big ones for sure, along with my senior softball season being cancelled; it is so aggravating.

    T: What is something that you’ve enjoyed during quarantine?

    P: Having a lot of time to myself hasn’t been the worst thing, lots of time to think and get excited for college.

    T: What are you most looking forward to once this all wraps up?

    P: Definitely being able to see my friends again. I miss them so much.

    T: Any final thoughts?

    P: No this is just ridiculous and unfair to all of the seniors.

    T: Agreed.

    Good to check in with one of our graduating seniors at Lakewood. Good luck to Payton and the other seniors in their future plans.

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