Summer Vacation?

Summer Vacation?

Chloe Fielder

When should I plan or watch for the trips I have planned? Many wonder if the country will lift travel restriction for summer vacation traveling. Could some restrictions be led out. Meaning certain types of vacations may be allowed regarding social distancing practices. Trips across borders in planes or in resorts with shared pools may be risky. Everyone deserves a vacation getaway ever year whether it’s freeing from quarantine or working hard. What could you do this summer that will be allowed or just safe?

I promise you, our summer is not ruined one-hundred percent. Of course there will be things to do, they might just be slightly different. Vacation is everyone’s gift so it might be a challenge on what to plan for or accept on what may be cancelled. Personally I think the further an event is from now, most likely it will be safe.

Single family beach rentals may be perfect for this year to have a summer vacation. It does its job of social distancing if your housing with you family or friends while spreading apart on beaches. Camping may also be a plus to this summer. Find a campground to book that has sites quite far apart. Hiking, fishing can fill your 2020 camping trip. Camping in a tent may need to have individuals use good hygiene after the trip.

What might not be opened up for people to book or make people cancel plans? Well as it has been shared for some public pools, they are not opening up this summer. This gives a hint that resorts or hotels with pools may not be there for us this summer. Would travel to certain destinations such as out of the country be off this summer? Nothing is for sure yet so keep an eye out for your summer. Anything could happen so plan on it!