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    Adopt a Senior Lakewood Facebook Page


    With everything going on currently due the Covid-19 virus and the quarantine, seniors across the country are pretty upset and with good reason. Not only are they losing precious time with extended family and friends before having to leave for college, but they are also missing out on having a prom as well as not having a proper graduation ceremony.

    However Dawn Sheppard and Nicole Marie decided to make a page  for members of the Lakewood Community to post a picture and a brief description of their seniors if they have any, so they may be adopted by someone.

    The adoption works like a gifting program, where the adopter can message the parents and ask what the senior likes and what to get them. It could be things for school or just gifts to help boost their mood.

    The point of it was to show the Lakewood seniors that their community cares about them and understand what they are going through must be difficult.

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