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    Our New Lives


    Our lives will change forever because of this pandemic.  Who knows if they will ever be the same it could be years or eternity.  The prestigious Harvard university has estimated that social distancing will stay in place through at least 2021.  This means that for at least another 6 months we could have only limited numbers or people in stores, sporting events, restaurants and all public establishments.  This can cause long lines outside of these places but these requirements for social distancing are very much needed.


    One huge issue is what will schools do when there will still be a need for social distancing.  Some schools have decided to go only online for the coming year, others have decided to have a “normal” school year and go to school five days a week.  The only other option is to go online for a few days a week and have students go into school the other days of the week.


    Schools and businesses will definitely need to make changes in order to keep everyone safe.  Governor Dewine will start to open businesses up in the coming weeks but it will be up to the people who go out in public to keep social distancing standards.  Without it cases will start to increase and we will be in the same situation we were in months ago.


    Everyone needs to stay safe and even though there will be public places opening up there has to at all costs be social distancing so we do not regress into an increase of cases.

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