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    Reaghan Norton

    Reaghan Norton

    This young woman I am going to introduce to you right now is Reaghan Norton. She is 18 years old and is a senior at Bay Village High School in Bay Village, Ohio.  Reaghan is extremely athletic and has a busy schedule. She plays softball, lacrosse, basketball, hockey, baseball, cheerleading and gymnastics.

    What West Shore Program are you in at LHS?

    “I am in Early Childhood Education.”

    What made you choose Early Childhood Education over the other programs?

    “I’ve always wanted to become a secondary private academic history teacher. So teaching is something I have always wanted to do.”

    Was it hard making friends in a school that you only go to for a couple hours a day?

    “No, because i am very outgoing and very socially out there. I have such a easy time talking to new people and making new friends.”

    What did you like about coming to LHS for the West Shore program?

    “The second I walked into the class, I knew that i would like it here. I like being able to talk to many different people rather then just the people at Bay.”

    What don’t you like about coming to LHS for the West Shore program?

    “I don’t like all of the rumors that are said. There are a lot of toxic people and some people just don’t say anything but negative things.”

    What are you going to miss the most about Early Childhood?

    “I am going to miss seeing my friends and all of the young children that I had the opportunity to teach in the preschool classrooms.”

    What are you excited about after high school?

    “I am excited for a new chapter in my life. I am excited about to go to college and because the teacher that I have always wanted to become.



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