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    Social distancing is getting old


    With social distancing being active and having no end in sight, I as well as many others can’t help but wonder when it will end and when we will get to see our friends. Lately life for myself and friends has consisted solely of staying indoors and not leaving.

    Needless to say, it’s boring, and painful – at least mentally. A lack of contact with others will do strange things to the mind.

    It’s now the end of the 2020 school year and, for the senior class, the uncomfortable uncertainty of what’s next is agonizing. Originally it was rumored that we were going to receive a virtual graduation – in essence a graduation ceremony over a big “face time” call. It was confirmed that this is in fact not the case.

    Instead we are going to be receiving our own personal graduation ceremonies with a few guests that we can bring in with us to watch the moment. While this is better than nothing, most of us still can’t help the sour taste still in our mouths. As children we had imagined the culmination of our 12 year schooling career – our graduation – to be a bigger moment than what we are receiving.

    Unfortunately there will be no large ceremony or walking the stage with our friends and family to witness; it’s too much of a risk to have all of those people in one place.

    Hopefully our class will be the only one that needs to go through something like this. To all of the other seniors, I wish you all good luck after high school and I hope that you go to great places.

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