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    2020 NBA Draft


    Will the Cavalier find the next Lebron in this year’s 2020 NBA draft?  There are a couple of well-known prospects coming into this draft that the Cavaliers will be having their eye on.

    The biggest international player in this year’s 2020 NBA Draft is Deni Avdija, a nineteen-year-old, six-foot-nine forward from Israel.

    Deni is a tenacious defender, able to guard the one through the five with his six-foot-nine frame. He doesn’t slack on the offensive side of the ball as well, being able to make the midrange and three-point shots over defenders.

    Lakewood High School student Quinton Turpin says, “Deni has a lot of potential coming into the league so young and has so many skills. But coming from the European league worries me, but lately, the Euro league has been producing many high draft picks.”

    Possibly the best big man coming into this year’s NBA draft is coming from the University of Memphis. James Wiseman is  a seven-foot-one center who has a lot of potential with his wingspan measuring in at seven-foot-six wingspan.

    Also he has a lot of potential with the offensive game developing some midrange jumper at his seven-foot-one frame.  Lakewood High School student Gavin Newlon explains, “James Wiseman is the best potential in this year’s NBA draft. He has all the tools to become a star center in the modern NBA.”

    Coming from the 2020 NBA draft the most athletic player in this draft is undoubtedly Obi Toppin. Obi is a six-foot-nine forward coming from The University of Dayton right here in Ohio.

    Obi is a very athletic forward that finishes with authority. He can also guard the one through the five as well. Josh Boykin says “Obi is the best player in this NBA draft because he is so versatile. He shows a lot of comparisons to Giannis Antetokounmpo with his really athletic frame.”

    There are many great prospects that the Cavaliers will have their eye on for this NBA draft. Also, with such a high draft pick comes with the risk of bust potential.


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