Online School is Off to a Good Start

Online School is Off to a Good Start

Evan Brown

With a much more organized system than last year’s disaster, I along with other students have found this school year’s online classes to be substantially better compared to the previous ones. Teachers and other staff members have been working hard over the summer to come up with an online bell schedule to help students stay on track. Classes have been changed in ways to better fit the online learning, whilst still having all of the contents that they would normally have.


Othman Awad, a junior at Lakewood High School, enjoys online school this year because he can stay organized and learn better. He told me, “I’m more of a visual learner, so being in a call where I can see what is going on helps me a lot.” For many students, being able to visualize the topic at hand helps them understand it better, and I could not agree more.


For me personally, the end of last year was hard because I procrastinated my work sitting at home. Being able to stay in a call with my class makes staying on task a whole lot easier. But it’s not just me along with my classmates, it’s also the staff who are enjoying this year.


Mrs. Hansen, a teacher of many different art classes at Lakewood High School told me, “Being able to see my student’s faces again is nice… We’ll just have to get used to how to  manage our classes online.” She also mentioned, “Doing photography, for example, is a challenge because it requires a dark room, so the class has switched to digital photography.


In difficult times like these adapting to the situation is everything. Lakewood High School has done a great job this year to make learning easy for students and teaching easy for the staff.