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    Why Can’t We Print More Money?


    Why can’t we print more money?

    This is the question that has been raised by many teens on the popular video sharing platform, Tik Tok, in reference to the coin shortage. The quick answer is inflation; however, many teens still find themselves wondering how little pieces of paper and metal given value simply by the creativity of the human brain can overtake our entire existence. 

    Inflation would cause corporations to raise prices and therefore lead to a surplus of supply with not enough demand. This idea is very well distributed amongst today’s teens, so the question isn’t necessarily referencing the logistics of the situation. 

    Money is a concept made up by human’s, so if we made it up why can’t we just make up rules that could help us end the coin shortage? Junior Maggie Dineen finds herself wondering “How is the world in debt?”  

    The answer, in short, is that each country owes different countries money in exchange for assets, and while this might seem like a silly question, it is very hard to wrap your mind around a concept that doesn’t exist physically, and besides paper dollars, large amounts of money are rarely in physical form. 

    So the question so many teens find themselves asking allows one to question how fathomable the idea of working your whole life to be in possession of little pieces of paper is, and whether or not these pieces of paper are truly intended to benefit mankind.

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