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    School coming back?


    Do you feel comfortable returning to school on October 19th?

    This year Lakewood High school students will have the option of returning to school on October 19th because of the drop in Covid-19 cases in Cuyahoga county. Some parents and students feel safe returning to school, but on the other hand, some are terrified.

    Jennifer Hyatt, parent of Lakewood High school student Will Hyatt says, “I feel nervous, but I know that this needs to be done. This is inevitable for the school, they will put in place strict regulations to keep the students safe.” The school hasn’t said anything about the regulations that they will take but, they will come out with the regulation probably pretty soon. It seems like most of the parents that I’ve heard their opinion on the topic are pretty similar that they are concerned, but the students should go back and learn.

    Student at Lakewood High school Lucas Winters says, “I’m excited to be back because I learn better in the classroom. But I’m not excited at the same time because it means I can’t go see extended family.” It will be a big change to be back in the classroom after our sixth-month break away from being in the classroom.

    Some of the students won’t be able to see some of their relatives, with a compromised immune system, or they could opt out of in-school classes the school did give the option.

    The school will not feel the same when only half the students are back at a time, and we will need to stand six feet apart at all times. But these are the regulations that the school will need to take to even have us in school, to begin with.


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