Vignette by Sydney Heckeler

Sydney Heckeler

Today, time felt altered–reality felt a little bit off. It wasn’t sunny, it wasn’ t raining — at least not yet. The thick, heavy clouds sealing away the sun seemed to whisper it was coming. The Valley felt different than usual, but maybe it was just my head. Yesterday, it had been pouring, and the river in front of me was brown, murky. I could smell the wet grass, a clean, stark smell. The weather suggested it was becoming fall again. I clicked my phone, checked the time. Only eight but… Well what time did I think it was anyways? The air was still warm, but every once in a while a gust of cold air struck my face. There was the sound of toads, like rubber bands being loudly snapped, coming from the dark trees behind me.In front of me, the steep shale wall stood ominous. The light surface stood out against the darkness all around me– us. The houses, looking so little from where I was standing on the river shore, watched me from the top of the hill. I picked up a couple rocks from under my feet, felt the smooth top and the gritty, bottom.  I could feel the wet sand, cool against my fingertips. I tried to skip them, not much luck. The shadow of the trees stretched past my feet, the sky became even darker. I looked at my hands, but it was like someone had turned down the brightness. The moment felt removed from the present, my hands looked like they were an element of a dream. Dark, grainy. All I knew for sure is that summer was officially coming to an end.