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    Surveying Our Options

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    There is finally hope for getting back into school for all students in Lakewood instead of having to sit in front of a computer!

    On October 19th students at Lakewood will be able to go back to school if they want to. Students A through K will be in the purple group and start on the 19th, and L through Z will be in the gold group starting on the 20th, continuing to alternate every other day.

    There are also other options for students who don’t feel it is safe enough yet.

    For students who do not feel it is safe yet, there are two other options for online learning. One of them being E learning with Apex. This choice is one that includes an online program that guides you through lessons and gives you homework and tests. With this option there won’t be an actual teacher — just online guidance.

    Another option will be to tune in on Zoom with a teacher. The student will be included in the class while not physically being there with the other students. This option would mainly be for the people that are thriving in online learning during this pandemic.  This is great for the people who feel like being on their own helps them get their work done.

    When asked about what he thought about these options, Mark Jarrous, a student at Lakewood High School, said, “For me personally I prefer working at home because there are less distractions and I don’t feel as rushed, plus my mom is very scared for me with the pandemic. Therefore I’m happy that they have given us more than one option for schooling.”

    On the other hand, some students can’t wait to get back into something that is close to normal. When asked about how she felt on coming back, Sarah Whitkofski, a senior at Lakewood High School, said,” I cannot wait to go back because it will finally feel like things are getting back to normal.”

    This pandemic has put fear into all of our hearts and minds. And for some, that fear isn’t gone yet, which is why providing other options will only be beneficial. Hopefully these options take some of the remaining fear out of our students.


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