All the info you Need About the Supreme Court Controversy

All the info you Need About the Supreme Court Controversy

Lucy McIntire

Following the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who served on the court  since 1993 when she was appointed by President Bill Clinton, there has been a major controversy between Democrats and Republicans. 

In the spring of 2016, following the death of conservative Justice Antonin Scalia, then-president Barack Obama nominated Merrick Garland to serve on the court. However, Senate Majority leader (both then and now) Mitch McConnell said the seat should not be filled in an election year, to give the American people a choice. McConnell proceeded to block the nomination from proceeding. 

In April of 2017, President Trump’s pick for the Supreme Court, Neil Gorsuch was confirmed. 

Now, Republicans including McConnell and Trump have decided to proceed with selecting a new justice, Amy Coney Barrett, despite this year being an election year. Barrett, who served as a clerk for Antonin Scalia, is widely known for her conservative views, similar to those of Scalia, her mentor.

Her appointment to the court would cause it to become very conservative. The most notable controversy so far has been the possibility of Roe vs Wade, the 1973 case that determined abortion constitutional. 

Democrats are pushing back, and using McConnell’s past views in attempts to stop Barrett from being nominated before the election occurs.

“I think it is hypocritical since McConnel blocked Obama from nominating Garland,” says LHS junior Emma Hart.