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    Second Quarter Learning in Lakewood


    As Lakewood approaches the second quarter, more learning options are becoming available for students.

    Students and their families can choose to remain remote and only participate in classes via zoom if they feel less comfortable with the idea of going back.

    The other option is a type of hybrid learning with students who are returning split into two groups. The “gold” group will be in school on certain days, with the “purple” group in school for the others.

    The third option is also completely remote eLearning; however, students will not be taught by Lakewood teachers, rather using a computer program where they can learn at their own pace.

    Lakewood is taking precautions for students who return. Sanitizing stations have been set up around the school, and staircases have been changed to “up” or “down,” but not both to avoid interactions as much as possible.

    Students will also remain six feet apart when in the classroom, and will be sanitizing desks and chairs before leaving for another class. A staggered bell schedule will limit the number of people interacting in the hallways, and hopefully, create a safer environment.

    The lunchroom has been filled with long tables, with two students per table on the opposite sides.

    Provided that the county’s cases do not rise back to a level three or four, Lakewood students will be able to remain in a hybrid environment, if they choose. If the county is successful in reaching level one, then all students who choose can come back, all together.

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