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    Teeghan McGann

    Teeghan McGann

    Junior Teehgan McGann is a second-year varsity cross country runner here at Lakewood High School.  Teeghan is a three-sport athlete running during all three seasons for cross country, indoor, and outdoor track.  She is an amazing runner and student achieving over a 4.0 GPA in her first two years al Lakewood high school.

    Q:  How has COVID-19 affected your season up to this point?

    “COVID-19 has affected my season up to this point where we haven’t gone to big meets.  We’ve only gone to one and that was with seven other teams, but in the previous years we’ve gone to as much as 15 teams.”

    Q:  How did it feel to place first three meets in a row?

    “It felt really cool to place first three meets in a row, especially because usually we are going to larger meets and we are experienced to the culture of having competition with us.  It really helped me build self-confidence that I can go out there and win meets.”

    Q:  What is your favorite part about being on the cross country team?

    “One of my favorite things about being apart of the cross country team is the team culture and the bond that all the girls have together.”

    Q:  How are you preparing for conference?

    ” I’m preparing for conference mentally and physically.  All our workouts leading up to conference are hard workouts, and like the week before conference we town down and just do quick speed work.  Mentally racing every weekend is mental preparation that I am able to compete with these girls.”

    Q: What has the best part of your season been so far?

    “Honestly I think the best part of my season has been having my season.”

    Q: What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

    “During my free time, I enjoy just spending time with my family and friends.  I really don’t  have a lot of free time, so the time that I do have is valuable and I like to spend it with the people that I love.”








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