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    Trick or Treating Will Happen This Year


    The city of Lakewood has announced that they will allow trick or treating this year, and they agreed to follow the Ohio Health Department’s guidelines in order to make this Halloween fun and safe. Trick or treating will happen from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm  on October 31 and social distancing will be mandatory.

    The Health Department has released guidelines and suggestions for how to be safe while trick or treating. For example, kids are expected to visit fewer houses this year in order to avoid coming in contact with too many people, parents are expected to wipe wrapped candy down after it has all been collected and not accept homemade treats. Parties are supposed to have a limited number of people or happen over zoom. The people handing out candy are expected to be as far away from trick or treaters as possible, and, of course, everyone is expected to wear masks.

    Governor Mike DeWine announced that “obviously, celebrations this year will not look like those in years past.” Gov. DeWine also released some suggestions on how to stay as far away from tricker treaters as possible, he suggests having drive-through tricker treating, he also suggests that families can put candy in the mailboxes of their neighbors and friends to avoid as little contact as possible, families can hide candy in their yard and allow tricker treaters to go on a safe and socially distanced hunt for candy.

    So although this year we will have to wear a mask under our Halloween costumes, and carry hand sanitizer with us, we can still have an exciting Halloween.



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