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    Grace Hoppel

    Grace Hoppel

    As the fall sports season comes to an end we have to recognize some of our stellar athletes here at Lakewood High School.  One of these all-star athletes being junior Grace Hoppel of the junior varsity girl’s tennis team. Grace just finished up her first year of varsity tennis and it couldn’t have gone better.

    Q: How was your first year of junior varsity tennis?

    “This was my first year of tennis altogether, so I was on junior varsity.  But it was a lot of fun, I really enjoyed it and learned a lot.  I’m sad it is all over.”

    Q: Do you plan to continue playing tennis in the future?

    “Yes, I plan to continue playing tennis my senior year.  Tennis is a sport that you can play at any age, so I think I will continue to play tennis throughout the rest of my life.”

    Q: What was your favorite part of the season?

    “My favorite part of the season was just being with the team.  Everyone was so kind and welcoming.  I looked forward to practicing and playing matches with them.”

    Q: How has this season helped you as a tennis player?

    “I think that this season has taught me a lot about the game of tennis itself, and what it takes to good on the court.”

    Q: Would you recommend tennis to anyone else looking for a fall sport to play next year?

    ” I would 100 percent recommend tennis for anyone that was looking for a fall sport.  It does not matter if you have played before or not, you just have to be determined to learn and give it your all.  The team is a lot of fun, and they are always going to be supportive.”

    Q” What are some activities you enjoy doing in your free time?

    “In my free time, I like going and visiting new places, hanging out with my friends, and photography.”


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