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    “The Fall of the Big Bad Wolf” by Lakewood Student


    Many months have passed ever since that tragic day. The entire Wolf family distraught when hearing about the news from a local woodland creature. In their dank and dark cave, they mourned this unexpected crisis. It felt like something so unbelievable, something that couldn’t have happened in millions of years. The Big Bad Wolf had been killed.

    Mrs. Wolf, his wife, knew what he did was a bad habit. He always got into fits of craze due to hunger, which meant he would generally snack on anything or anyone just to quench it.

    “I never expected it to get this bad,” she sobbed. “Eating two live humans. He knew better than to do this.” 

    The two people were very close family members: a grandmother and her granddaughter, Little Red Riding Hood.

    The news was that he had his chest cut open by some lumberjack in the cluttered woods. He was able to hear their cries in the Big Bad Wolf’s stomach as he was passing by the wooded house. Cutting him open was enough, but they all even stuffed him full of stones, making him die from collapsing on his own weight by trying to flee. The Wolf family felt like this was cruller than what Big Bad has ever done; they felt like they needed to get justice for the fallen family member. 

    The family, Mrs. Wolf and her children, Little Bad Wolf, Miean Missy Wolf, and Ultra Unpleasant Wolf, all resembling the same dark grey fur color and menacing appearance of their father, schemed for quite some time. Many quarrels broke out between them as the ideas were either deemed as “stupid” or “idiotic” or just plain out impossible to do. But then Little Bad Wolf, the eldest of Big Bad Wolf’s three children, had the plan of taking them all out by doing it in the style of their father: eating them. 

    “This will show how much we care for him and lay a tribute in his name to end these heathens,” he stated. 

    It was settled to make this their plan, but they would have to be clever and unnoticed. They would boil them in a nice soup, much more appetizing than just eating them straight like how their father did. The trouble was actually being able to get them into a big pot. Getting a big pot was also troublesome. So the family got to work. 

    Days passed, then weeks, then months to make the preparations for their revenge. A twenty foot tall and wide pot was made to fit all three of their victims. They dug a hole on the path towards Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother’s house; she would walk into it during the night, then they would drag her sleeping grandmother, then find some other way for that rotten lumberjack they so loathed. The pot was put into place, a fire was placed underneath, and they anticipated for her to arrive on the path.

    What they didn’t know was that the lumberjack saw their entire working process, even when they thought they had it kept secret all this time. Little Red Riding Hood was told by him about this plot, and so their own counterplot was developed. 

    “We should instead let them have a taste of their medicine and put them in the soup pot. You should make them believe that their plan is about to work flawlessly, and I’ll come in to save you.”

    She agreed to these circumstances, they would instead have the Big Bad Wolf family boiled in the soup. They would lure them out by having Little Red follow the path they planned her to take.

    Night had come upon them, making the poor humans of Little Red and the lumberjack somewhat blind, but the wolves were not so hindered. The trees stretched over them and showed no other ways to grandmother’s house besides the one path they placed in. As they hid in the high bushes of the woods, Little Red walked towards the pot, the family anticipating their nice feast that they would partake in. She walked closer and closer to it, and surprisingly noticed this giant hole in the ground when it was so dark out.

    The wolves did not like this and decided to have one of them push her into the pot. Little Bad Wolf was the one selected, and he started to run towards her while she was walking around the giant hole. What he didn’t expect was the lumberjack being there waiting to do the same to the wolf, getting pushed in instead of Little Red.

    He screamed as he fell into the hole, the other wolves were in shock to see that their plan was compromised. They went to go save their fallen comrade, but this was not the smartest decision as they were right next to the pot now too. The children tried to fight the lumberjack back while their mother was hanged down to rescue Little Bad, clawing at him and growling.

    “Back off!” Mean Missy Wolf exclaimed towards the lumberjack.

    “We won’t let you ruin us avenging our father!” Ultra Unpleasant Wolf cried.

    But their defenses weren’t enough. The lumberjack was scratched little by little, but in the end they all got pushed into the pot together. This was not looking like a good ending for them, and they knew it once they heard him walking closer to the pot.

    The lumberjack poured in some water, enough so that they still wouldn’t be able to escape the pot. He added in the many assortments of vegetables that they had planned to put in with the original three victims and waited for the soup to finish. The soup was then eaten wholeheartedly by the main three and some other friends of the lumberjack, many bowls being filled from this giant dish.

    “Revenge wouldn’t have gotten them anymore,” the lumberjack said. “Their father was in the wrong in the first place, I thought they would’ve known better than to pull something like this.”

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