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    Basketball is Back


    After being on hold for six months, basketball is finally back.

    The athletic director, Sean Jackson, had been pushing basketball back more than any other sport for so long, and now open gyms are allowed Monday through Friday.

    The basketball team usually has tons of workouts and scrimmages over the summer to get them prepared for the actual season. A coach by the name of Dimitrius Lovett, would host lifting sessions with all the players over the summer to gain basic strength to be used in practice and during the season.

    Since we had all been quarantined, the coaches put the strength gaining onto each individual player. They told their players that it is not possible to workout together, therefore each player must improvise and do solo workouts to keep themselves in decent shape before the practices start again.  Running and doing at-home workouts became the only safe option.

    The first game for the Rangers is supposed to be on November 30th against the St.Edward Eagles. But with COVID-19 rising in cases, there could possibly be another delay. When asked what he thinks about the season, Andre Hallenberg, a varsity player, said, ” I really hope that we are able to play our games this year, but with these cases rising this rapidly I truly feel that a delay is coming.”

    According to novelist James Lane Allen, “Adversity does not build character, it reveals it.” These guys have already been put through so much in waiting to play, therefore a delay would really hurt them even more. But fighting through this kind of adversity shows everyone how strong you really are. May these players prevail and overcome this virus.

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