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    Restaurants Might Be Shutting Down Because of Safety Procedures


    It’s no surprise that Cuyahoga County is back in the red zone. Coronavirus cases have been getting worse by the day. Some people seem to think masks aren’t required, or that it’s alright to throw a party.

    Laura Campbell, a teaching chef at Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry ,says that if restaurants follow the safety procedures, It will allow for a significantly safer environment. In the time since Covid started becoming a pandemic, her business has not had a single Covid case.

    The procedure is called serve safe, and it allows restaurants to safely make and serve food to their customers. By sanitizing and wiping down all surfaces, as well as constantly washing their hands, the risks become much lower.

    Even with the spike of cases in recent weeks,  Governor DeWine has denied that restaurants/businesses will close and that we should keep following the serve safe guidelines along with other specific covid protocols. These include no alcohol sales after 10 P.M., installing plexiglass dividers, and limiting customer capacity. The problem with this is that some restaurants don’t take these precautions seriously.

    While working at Angelos, I witnessed the serve safe guidelines being used. Surfaces were wiped whenever possible and my co-workers always took the time to wash their hands. If every restaurant were to follow the guidelines then it would lower the risk for everyone.

    Many restaurant owners have been trying to push these guidelines while other owners want them gone. They feel that it heavily impacts their sales and their employees. But, people’s lives are at stake, so what’s best for everyone is what must be done.



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