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    Campaigning Cowardice


    As the results for the election are coming in, I think it is time to look back on this election in terms of the way in which both candidates chose to promote themselves for this election.

    There are some circumstances that occurred this year that did make the campaigning process a little bit different for those who chose to follow the proper COVID-19 protocols.

    Presidential candidates manage to have so many ads on TV (at least one every commercial break) and still fail to inform American’s where they stand on any current issue; they just point out the other candidate’s flaws, and while it is important to be held at a higher standard as a president, it is also important to have views and to inform your potential followers on what those views are in the hours of air time they are wasting.

    These ads are funded not by the donations of dedicated supporters but by any businesses who believe they will benefit from that person being in office, hence the vicious cycle of capitalism.

    Senior Kevin Harshman says, “Modern campaigning has so much money poured into it that anyone who has a net worth below a million dollars is basically locked out of the presidential race.”

    Candidates don’t target their ads at the common citizen; they barely even campaign to us. They spend the most of their effort recruiting big corporations on their side so they have the money on their side, not the people.

    Modern campaigning is a sad, nauseating event that is no longer about political intelligence and simply about wit and charm (what is charming to some might be offensive and off-putting to others on both sides of the political spectrum) in which many Americans find themselves deciding who is the least bad as they fill out their ballot.

    The only catch is that this show determines the fate of our country and considering the power America has as one of the leading contributors to climate change and as a world super power, the rest of the world .

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