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    MLB Offseason


    In this crazy year of 2020, the MLB will have some of the top players in the market. The top players in the market are a large variety of players like…

    Fransisco Lindor will be a free agent in the 2021-2022 offseason the Indians will be trying to move him before Opening day. To get some sort of prospects for him while they can, Fransisco will easily be the top player that a bigger market team will be pursuing for this offseason.  The teams that are looking to trade for him will be the Atlanta Braves, New York Mets, and the New York Yankees. Out of these teams, the Braves have the best farm system ranks which they are ranked 8th in the MLB.

    Former Lakewood High school alumni J.T Bobik says “Cleveland losing Fransisco Lindor would” be a heartbreaking loss. he is an excellent defensive shortstop and a stalwart in the infield for us. However, he also leaves a big impact on the greater Cleveland community through his charity work and his overall demeanor. Losing Mr.Smile himself would be a sad addition to a year where a smile is greatly needed.”

    Kris Bryant is another player that is a free agent in the 2021-2022 offseason so they would be trying to get something for him now.  That Cubs team is just getting older and not the same team that won the world series in 2016. With many key players from that team on the decline or not on the team any more like Dexter Fowler, and Anthony Rizzo. A possible trade partner with the Chicago Cubs would be the Washington Nationals with Kris Bryant filling the void for former National Anthony Rendon.

    With a bad year all around wrapping up hopefully a great MLB season is in the future…


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