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    Winter Sports With COVID


    Winter sports has been on hold ever since March. Kids were not allowed to do any workouts with coaches, or even get in a gym. But then cases started clearing up and there was a little hope. But then that hope was lost when the cases began to skyrocket again.

    Because of the cases skyrocketing again, schools are beginning to cancel their winter sports season due to COVID-19. Brecksville has announced their decision on it and so has Avon.  Both schools have not even considered delaying their season; they just decided to completely cancel it.

    As for Lakewood there is no word on if winter sports have been cancelled or not yet.  But there is a winter athlete who had to stay home because of a COVID scare. He needed a test taken because of his mom having COVID-19.  And luckily the results came back negative so the basketball program does not have to delay for 14 days.

    I asked Riley Ulintz, a junior winter athlete at Lakewood, what he thinks about the situation with the kid having to stay home. He said, ” I really feel bad for him because its not like he was partying or going out or anything. He was simply just at home with his mom. Luckily he was negative so it was just a scare, but what we should take from this is that anyone can get it.”

    COVID-19 is not going away which is evident in the fact that the cases went down then way back up. And for this reason we must continue with precautionary measures as much as we can so that this doesn’t continue into cancelling spring sports.

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