Lil Boosie & Mo3 shot in the same week?

Lil Boosie & Mo3 shot in the same week?

Armoni McNeill

Recently we know King Von was murdered in ATL.

Now it’s starting to seem as if all the rappers are dying.

The media is going crazy over the fact that Mo3, a Dallas rapper, was shot and killed on November 11th in a brazen attack as he drove along R.L Thornton Freeway. The Shade Room, a popular entertainment blog, broke the story on Instagram minutes after the shooting. Mo3 reportedly fled his vehicle, and the gunman gave chase, firing multiple shots that hit Mo3 in the back of the head. The news outlet wrote that the gunman also shot a bystander inside his or her vehicle, who was taken to the hospital to be treated for non-life-threatening injuries. Dallas police have said, “There other shootings loosely related to the Mo3 shooting.” According to law enforcement, the 28-year-old artist was shot shortly before noon and taken to a nearby hospital, where he was pronounced dead. As of now, the police are looking for three men related to the shootings.

Saturday afternoon there was a vigil held for Mo3, but as the event went on, it was claimed that Louisiana rapper Lil Boosie was shot in the leg. Boosie was rushed to the hospital where he is getting treated for a gunshot wound below his knee. The injuries are not life-threatening.

Authorities were unable to locate any of the parties involved in the shooting. Police said there is no evidence at this time that connects Mo3’s shooting with Boosie’s shooting or several other shootings that occurred in Dallas this week.

“IM LOST FOR WORDS MY BOY Mo3 SEE U WHEN I GET THERE.”- Boosie says a day after the fatal shooting of Mo3.