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    Governor Mike DeWine Recommends Ohioans Stay Home


    When Governor Mike DeWine arrived back in Cleveland on Wednesday, he talked about the rising Covid cases in Cuyahoga County. He mentioned that there are very promising vaccines coming in the near future, but that the distribution would take some time.

    On November 16-17, Cleveland recorded 509 COVID-19 cases, which is the highest ever in a two-day span since the start of the pandemic. Dr. Carla O’Day of St. Vincent Charity Medical Center spoke about how the spike in cases may be connected to Halloween.

    O’Day also added that the virus has lasting effects. She said, “Yeah, you can get over it, but it has some long-term consequences in terms of cardiovascular disease, in terms of neurologic disease. We’ve seen many, many patients who come in, they get over the disease and then come back or have a heart attack or a stroke even though they’ve markedly improved in other areas.”

    Governor DeWine has now set a statewide curfew that started on Thursday, November 19th. He told reporters, “We’re not shutting down, we’re slowing down.” The curfew is aimed at reducing the number of cases or person-to-person contact.

    When the governor was asked about id the curfew was enough he had this to say, “I don’t worry about people who are outside, wearing masks, socially distanced in a place [FirstEnergy Stadium] that we’ve got one-fifth the capacity, basically. What I worry about, is the people who are watching the Browns game, sitting in their basement with four or five buddies and not wearing a mask.”

    People need to be more careful and wear masks at all times and even limit their friendly get-togethers until the spread of the virus slows down. In the next few months, it is very likely that vaccines will be tested and ready for citizens.

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