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    Voter Fraud is a Fraud?


    By now you’ve heard the term voter fraud probably nothing short of 80 times. While the term isn’t coined by our President, he has surely been accelerating the use of it. 

    The election has passed for us; now it seems like a distant dream, but voter fraud continually dominates the news. Donald Trump has continually perpetuated the idea that there has been historical voter fraud —  so much so that it caused Joe Biden to win states that he had been winning in. While flipping states happens, the margins in this election were very small in some states meaning that flipping them was not unlikely..

    Other than flipping, what about claims that Trump officials were blocked from observing ballot counting?

    It was reported that poll watchers had flooded some locations in Detroit, filling the room to what was beyond a safe number. Despite this claim being debunked, many and almost all of Trump’s other claims have been disputed as well. The claim that there were breaches in the cyber security that caused him to lose votes to Biden has been disputed multiple times despite the President insisting that he has been cheated out of “well deserved” votes.

    It’s easy to look up and see that almost every claim that has been made has been pure garbage, but I digress. To get another view on the potential voter fraud we go to senior Gina Marjanovic:


    Q: Do you think there is voter fraud this election?


    Gina: “I think that Pennsylvania illegally counted votes because they didn’t tell Trump officials all the polling locations so they could be there to oversee the counting. But I don’t think there was full blown voter fraud.”


    If you’re interested in doing more research on voter fraud this election you’ll most likely come to the same conclusion I did, that this election was driven by 4 years of nonsensical decisions that were against the American people, and given the chance, the American people echoed back their opinion using the most influential tool — pieces of paper and a pen.

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