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    Covid-19 Governor Updates


    With covid cases rising and Cuyahoga County close to entering the purple zone, Governor Mike Dewine has tightened restrictions on daily activities in hopes of controlling the spread, starting off with a 10-5 curfew as well as limiting indoor dining.

    Just as the first time around takeout will remain available as well as outdoor dining. This will put a strain on a lot of business for many small corporations. 

    The paycheck protection programs (PPP) are running dry and leaving many businesses unsure of the future. Folks are trying to stay positive in hopes of a temporary 4 week shut down will help clear the air but doesn’t not practical. With numbers increasing rapidly temporary and permanent shut downs of small restaurants that rely on locals business are happening more frequently. 

    People are starting to fear going out again and resorting to safer alternatives to eating out. Dewine has said that he’s read and received many compelling from food service workers. He has heard their words and took into consideration all the precautions and routines that they have implemented into their routines.

     As of now with careful consideration and regulations restaurants may remain open until further discussion. In hopes to reach restless teens that are rebelling to curfew Dewine tries to bring hope and encouraging words that support his decision on what’s best for the community in this time of need. “I hope everyone listens to the guidelines and does what they need to do, so hopefully we stay open next week.” 


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