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    Select Students Now in School


    As we know students that attend Lakewood City Schools are all enrolled in the remote-learning styled school year. If you don’t know what remote learning is, it is the style where students attend assigned timed Zoom meetings with their classes throughout the day. 

    Students are required to be logged into their homeroom Zoom class on time by 8:45am. If students are logged in and joined on time then the students attendance is present for the day. Otherwise, if you miss homeroom you are marked absent for the day. These attendance reports are shown in each student’s Progress Book. If you are late to homeroom, you are marked as tardy for the day. 

    When students start to rack up their tardiness and absent days are then eventually recognized. The house principles of the student will contact parents and new plans for the student will be put in place to help the students improve their attendance and their grades from missing so much school. 

    This plan is for students to physically come into school everyday from 8:45am-3:30pm, depending on their schedules. The one large classroom is placed in the LHS cafeteria.Students get their own desk socially distanced from others 6ft. Apart. Students are required to wear a mask at all times. Headphones are required during zoom classes for every student. Breakfast is served for free for every student once a day from 8:45-10:00am. You must sanitize your hands before entering the lunch line. One student is allowed to enter the kitchen/food pickup at a time. Lunch is also then served from 11:30am-1:00pm, with the same lunchline rules, each student gets one lunch meal for free per day.

    Results have been shown from students who were falling behind in school that were brought into the school for the better environment and help from the school, have shown great improvements. Hopefully if students are to return back into school soon, all  students feel comfortable together again and we all feel back into the more realistic feeling school routine.   


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