Winter Fab

Winter Fab

Sylvie Ballou

With the world forced to stay inside and bored, many find entertainment in redefining their personal style or taking up new hobbies that they never had the time to focus on before. My love for expression and style has resurfaced after almost 4 and a half years. Today I will share my favorite winter fashion trends.

Long skirts make quite the impact but can encourage backlash for being too modest. Here is my best advice: if you put the skirt on, style it, and make it into an outfit YOU love: wear it, don’t let the ignorance stop you.

The layering of cardigans over cute t-shirts that hang over a mid-thigh length skirt with opaque tights underneath to keep your legs warm (and maybe even a pair of leg warmers or fingerless gloves) is a look that can never go wrong.

Junior Sidney Bacon says her favorite winter trends are “fingerless gloves, cool socks, and those hats with the strings coming off of them.” These cute and practical accessories go perfectly with carefully thought-out layering (perhaps a turtle neck or long sleeve under a cute baby-tee, paired with y2k boot cut jeans and a cute puff jacket, or with a skirt, tights, and boots or chunky shoes.)

In terms of hair and makeup, I believe the most common winter trend is hair down (to keep you warm), and you can always braid little pieces of your hair or wear headbands and hair clips to add a little something to the hair. Dark eyeshadow that exaggerates the natural shape of your eye is in and awesome.  So this winter, when there is nothing else to do, you can at least look good.