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    First Person To Receive Vaccine


    Earlier this week a 90-year-old woman from London was the first to receive a Pfizer vaccine in the world. During her stay at the hospital for heart tests, she was given the vaccine which makes her the first person to receive the vaccine outside of trials.

    Margaret Keenan, a former jewelry shop assistant and now grandmother, told reporters that it was, “a massive day for me personally and for the rest of the world”. She also encouraged others to sign up for the vaccination.

    “It has all been such a whirlwind and everything hasn’t really sunk in yet,” she said. “I feel great and I’m so pleased to be able to go home and to spend some quality time with my family.”

    Britain is the first western country to start vaccinating its citizens. This has been a huge turning point in the fight against the disease that has limited our daily lives for almost a year.

    Just like Margaret Keenan, a man named William Shakespeare was vaccinated as well. In the midst of all the pandemic issues, social media had a laugh that a man with the name William Shakespeare was going to go down in history for the second vaccination ever.

    In these times of the pandemic, any ray of light can get people’s hopes up. In the near future, I hope that we can return to school and adults can return to work. It is predicted that in the early fall of 2021 things will return to normal for all citizens in America and around the world. All we can do is hope for the best.

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