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    Browns Lose a Heart Breaker


    Wow……. That may be the only way to describe this game.   Not one person could have come up with this ending.  After a very rough 4 quarters, the Cleveland Browns fell to the Baltimore Ravens 47-42.

    The first drive of the game went better than expected for the Browns, especially up against the very strong Baltimore defense.  The Browns drove the ball right down the field for an easy score putting them up 7-0.  To follow this up, the Ravens came back with a quick touchdown of their own from quarterback Lamar Jackson.

    In the last few minutes of the first half, the ball was handed back and forth between the two teams.  The Browns were given the ball with two minutes left.  Throwing the ball is what needed to be done, but with both Baker and the wideouts playing poorly, the drive ended in another punt.  With only a minute left in the half, Lamar drove down the field to score another rushing touchdown to put them up  21-14 going into the half.

    The second half was like none other.  The Browns needed to fight back after a quick touchdown from the Ravens to put them down 28-14 and they did just that.  They fought, and they fought hard, putting them up early in the fourth quarter 35-34.

    Hope rushed through Browns fans after they noticed backup Trace McSorley was in the game instead of Lamar Jackson.  This was our saving grace considering Trace has nowhere near the talent of Lamar.  Even though this is the case, Trace drove the ball down all the way into Browns’ territory.  A crucial third-down occurred and the Browns came up big sacking Trace to force fourth and five.

    Browns fans were celebrating everywhere as there is no way that Trace will convert this fourth down, but someone else can for sure.  That is Lamar Jackson.  Lamar sprints back onto the field like some kind of superhero for fourth down and throws a dime to wideout Marquise Brown to put the Ravens up 42-35.

    This upcoming drive is evidence of a new Browns team.  The Browns drove back down the field in 47 seconds to score and tie up the game.  With Lamar back in the game nothing is impossible especially winning on of a field goal, which is exactly what the Ravens did.

    Although the Browns lost this game, it shows how much they have grown over the season.  No one will be surprised to see these two face off in the playoffs later this season.  This may be the most exciting Browns game to have watched in a while.  “It was really annoying to hear my brother and dad scream and yell every time the Browns either scored or let up a score,” says Ella Hyatt.

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