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    Trump’s Impact On The American Psyche

    Trumps Impact On The American Psyche

    Everyone has faced a psychological impact from the Presidency of Donald Trump, and the main factor that determines who gained what really depends on how a person is aligned with Trump’s policies. The “Scientific American” claims that Trump supporters found strength in Trump, while “The Nation” believes that Trump will leave those who don’t align with his politics traumatized (the word “traumatized” is harsh and thrown around too often, the better term would be “unforgettable”).

    The “Scientific American” wrote that Trump and his followers have a “lock and key” relationship in which Trump can increase his self-worth in a position of leadership and his followers can find guidance in an unrestricted “parental figure.” Trump and his followers connect emotionally because he is able to bring light to ideas and emotions that past presidents haven’t been so outspoken about. Some of his supporters became so attached that they would do anything to not let go of him; even participate in conspiracy theories or riots. Trump was able to form a powerful presence socially and those who valued his ideals and actions have been given the term “loyalists” because they idolized the momentum he provided for their newfound confidence.

    According to “The Nation,” those who weren’t so fond of the President’s actions will never forget this presidency. Every few elections, there is a president who is unforgettable, and to witness the actions of a President who is unflinchingly conservative on the political spectrum and participates in events and actions that presidents in the past have hesitated to do in order to protect their public image is something hard to forget. Trump’s actions at the border, subtle support for white supremacy, and lack of awareness of just how bad this pandemic has been are events that can all instill negative emotions in those who align with the opposite side of the political spectrum.

    No matter what side you are on, I think everyone can agree that Trump’s Presidency will never be forgotten. It brought light to and increased the egos of the many people who have felt wronged by past presidents and caused stress and pain to those who did not go into the voting booths and check off his name. Either way, Trump is the first President in history to be impeached twice.







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