Over 20,000 Troops Are Stationed In Washington D.C.

Over 20,000 Troops Are Stationed In Washington D.C.

Evan Brown

Washington D.C. has taken unprecedented steps for President-Elect Joe Biden to take office on the 20th of January. Around 15,000 troops were dispatched after the riots that took place, which is more than two times the number of soldiers deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq combined.

The FBI has warned of planned armed protests at state capitals across the nation and in D.C. On Wednesday, Department of Homeland Security officials activated a massive inaugural security operation aimed at walling off access to the White House and the Capitol where Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris are set to be sworn in next week.

The National Park Service has announced that it is suspending tourist visits to the Washington Monument. They have also gone a step further and stated that they may even close the National Mall, where many people gather to watch the new president be sworn in.

If the number of troops reaches the predicted 21,000, it will dwarf the troops stationed in Afghanistan and Iraq. At around 1,000 active-duty soldiers for the whole continent, Africa has just around one-twentieth of active U.S. military deployed. Few countries have this insane amount of soldiers stationed in them, with a few exceptions like Japan, South Korea, and Germany.

I hope that everything goes smoothly in the upcoming inauguration. Trump supporters need to accept that he has lost the election and that President-elect Biden will take office on the 20th. But if things go as planned by officials, we could be in for the most eventful inauguration in history.