Allergic Reactions Reported After Doses Of Moderna Vaccine

Allergic Reactions Reported After Doses Of Moderna Vaccine

Sylvie Ballou

As California was beginning the process of distributing the vaccine to the essential workforce, some receivers had severe reactions to a specific batch (Lot O41L20A) of the Moderna vaccine. These doses were distributed at a mass drive-through distribution center at Petco Park in San Diego, California.  California then quickly put a halt to the distribution of this batch, which consisted of 33,000 possible doses (around 10% of the doses available in California) that could no longer be used.

Fewer than 10 people reported having an allergic reaction and according to Doctor Erica Pan, the Californian epidemiologist, that is a “higher-than-usual number of possible allergic reactions. Not only was the number of victims surprisingly high, but their reactions were also very severe; they experienced anaphylactic shock. So far there has not been a record of reactions to any other batches of the Moderna vaccine so California is still distributing other batches of the vaccine.

It is clear health officials have confidence in this vaccine if they continue to endorse its distribution. Even if there have been some errors, no medical advancement is errorless, and since no other extreme responses have been reported it is clear that, with the exception of lot 041L20A, the vaccine has no observable short-term effects.

With all quick miracles of science, there are some periods of trial and error, and allergic reactions should not be taken lightly; however, the vaccine and the medical workers behind the creation and distribution can be trusted because they have proved that even with a slight disruption in the process (which they handled with ease) they continue to have faith in the vaccine.