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    Cleveland Browns Second Round Playoff Loss

    Cleveland Browns Second Round Playoff Loss

    The unthinkable came true for fans in Cleveland this year.  The Cleveland Browns made it to the second-round of the playoffs for the first time since 1994.  The outcome may not have been what everybody had hoped for, but for our Browns to even have made it as far as they did is amazing.

    The game that nobody believed would happen finally came.  Browns fans across the world became more and more nervous as the game was about to begin.

    The Cleveland Browns faced the Kansas Chiefs this past Sunday in the divisional round of the playoffs, making for a great game.  The time had finally arrived and the coin was flipped.  The Browns won the coin flip and decided to defer heading the ball over top superstar quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

    The Chiefs, being one of the best if not the best offenses in football, drove the ball right down the field, where Mahomes ran the ball in for a touchdown.  “I don’t think that it was the best idea to put the ball into Mahomes’ hands at the start of the game and most likely give the Chiefs the momentum,” says junior Aidan Sterling.

    The Browns had a hard time scoring in the first half, battling for just 3 points to go against the Chiefs’ 19!  One blown call changed the momentum of the game minutes before the end of the half.  Browns wide receiver Rashard Higgins caught a pass from Baker Mayfield at about the 15-yard line.

    The race was on! Rashard dove for the pilon at about the 5-yard line and got clobbered by Sorensen.  Higgins fumbled into the end zone resulting in a Chiefs’ touchback, changing the whole momentum of the game.

    The second half started off with a Browns turnover, which didn’t amount to much with Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker doinking a kick right off the post.

    After a few drives, Mahomes ran for a first down getting, almost knocked out by Browns’ defensive back. Mahomes could not even stand up, wobbling around when he tried.  Although this was very unfortunate, it gave Browns fans hope.

    The Browns fought back, putting them down by only 5 with the ball in the Chiefs’ hands.  Backup quarterback Chad Henne threw an interception to Browns’ defensive back Karl Joseph.  This gave the Browns the ball back with about eight minutes left in the fourth quarter.

    A bad drive from the Browns resulted in handing the ball right back to the Chiefs.  All that Henne needed to do was run out the clock.  The Chiefs had a third and long needing a first down, Chad Henne became the Kansas City’s Hero running for almost the whole amount and giving them a manageable fourth and inches situation.

    Henne converted that fourth and one, derailing the Browns’ post-season hopes.

    “I don’t think that one Browns fan took the loss too hard.  Everyone I have talked to or heard on TV could only express how proud of the Browns they were, and I totally agree,” says sophomore Quinton Turpin.





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