Dangerous Roads Coming!

Dangerous Roads Coming!

Ayden Wacker

As we all know, icy roads and plenty of drivers do not mix very well because of the lack of traction. When we look ahead, this dangerous mixture is all that is in sight.

A low pressure system is moving out of Oklahoma and into Ohio, bringing freezing rain and snow with it for the ride.  It won’t seem dangerous when it arrives because of how hidden the hazards will be throughout Northeast Ohio. Ice could not be noticeable at first glance.

The regular rain should start around 3 a.m and the freezing rain, this should start around 5 a.m on Tuesday January 26th. This icy and dangerous rain is expected to last until Wednesday afternoon according to the National Weather Service. Therefore it is ideal to minimize the driving in the Northeast area around these times.

When asked about what she thinks on this subject, Sarah Whitkofski, a student at Lakewood High School, said “I did hear about this storm coming, therefore I will do whatever I can to minimize my driving and all the people I knows’ driving just to be safe. I usually am a pretty careful driver but now I know to be extra careful for two days when I am out there.”

Hopefully as these icy roads come to town, the people of Northeast Ohio will be careful whenever they hit the road for whatever errand or grocery run they need to go on. Taking these things seriously can save peoples’ lives in the upcoming couple of days.