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    Trump’s Second Impeachment trial


    Former President Donald Trump is in hot water after being impeached by the U.S House for a historic second time on January 13, 2021.

    This would not be Donald Trump’s first trial of an impeachment, though; his first involvement was for his interference with the 2020 presidential election, favoring Trump. In this case, their claim was that Donald Trump invited the Ukrainian president to the White House and ordered an investigation on Joe Biden.

    But for a historic mark that has never been accomplished before, Donald Trump is the first president to be impeached twice. Donald Trump will be impeached for “Incitement of Insurrection” by the House of Representatives,  by Trump encouraging his supporters by saying “We are going to walk down to the Capitol.”  On January 6, a deadly mob of people stormed the Capitol and caused mass destruction. Unfortunately, there were five casualties at the Capitol on that tragic day.

    Before the second trial scheduled for February 9th has even started, five of Donald Trump’s defense attorneys have resigned from their spot.  This arose from a strategy disagreement, where Donald Trump wanted the lawyers to continue the claim of election fraud.

    If Trump does get impeached by President Joe Biden then he can’t run again in 2024, he will lose his secret service protection, and he will lose his pension.

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