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    Character Sketches & Dialogue by Ava Hitter

    Character 1

    She is a lonely girl. At 20 years old, she longs to leave the confines of her stifling New Orleans home and venture out into the world. She feels trapped by her overbearing mother, and the expectations society has for people’s lives. She wants to run away forever, with just the clothes on her back, living her life with no restrictions and no one to tell her what she can and can’t do. 

    This girl is known to the people of New Orleans as Evangeline, a name she despises, and has refused to use since she was able to form an opinion on things. She prefers to be called Evie, a nickname her mother constantly disparages, and never uses. Against her mother’s protests, Evie moved out of her family home at 17, and has been going from place to place in the city ever since, constantly being kicked out of her apartments for misbehavior. Due to her many moves, she is forced to change jobs constantly. In her dingy apartment, she has her closet filled with uniforms from dozens of jobs she’s worked over the years, ripped up and torn when she is inevitably fired.  

    Her current work uniform, which consists of a pink buttoned down dress that’s too short on her 5’9 frame, a stained apron tied around her waist, and the standard black and white saddle shoes, which became scuffed and stained the first day. Her outfit is reminiscent of a vintage waitress, which is the theme at the parlor she works at. This is her typical day to day outfit, plus a grey zip up sweater, as she does not care enough to bother getting another outfit. In her dress pocket are her menu book, pens, loose change, and some random wrappers.

     Her light blonde hair is pulled back into a messy bun, a black bandana tied around her head. Her piercing silver-blue eyes could go through someone, and show a range of emotions- anxiety, loneliness, fear- which she never shows on her face. She is tanned and freckled from the New Orleans sun, and her hands are calloused and chapped. Her nails are cut and bloodied, as she bites at them wherever she is stressed, which is most of the time. Her knees are scraped, and her skin bruised from her usual escapades.

    The only thing that Evie enjoys doing is fantasizing about her life in the future, of traveling, partying, and of being out of New Orleans for good. Her job is a necessary evil for her so she can save up to leave. Everyone in the city knows she wants to get out, to which they frequently mock her for. She’s been saying she’s going to leave for years, and each time she doesn’t, they sarcastically ask her when she’s going to get out. She answers with annoyance every time, stating, “One day, you watch me.”


    Character 2

    Irene wants to stay in New Orleans forever. She’s never felt so safe anywhere else in the world, and she knows that for a fact, since she’s been everywhere. All she wants to do is live a quiet, peaceful life under the hot New Orleans sun, and she’ll do anything to keep her life happy and uncomplicated.  

    Irene is just 20 years old, and goes by unnoticed most of the time in the city, which is how she likes it. Observing the people around her, but not getting involved, makes her feel secure, as does knowing the ins and outs of all sorts of life in New Orleans. She doesn’t speak to many people, except for those at her work, which she does out of obligation. She works at a wannabe vintage parlor so she can afford her small apartment, and she’s friendly to her coworkers, but they’re definitely not her friends. Although usually calm and reserved, she is easily annoyed by one of the other waitresses, Evie, who she finds to be crass and immature.  

    All the girls at their work wear the same vintage uniform, with hers having had to be sewed  to fit her, as even the smallest size is too large on her petite frame. The outfit is always ironed, and her apron and shoes spotlessly clean. Her auburn hair is paper straight, and tied back into a french braid. She wears a silver locket around her, which is dented in the front, the only thing of hers that isn’t pristine. Her eyes are brown, so dark they blend into her pupils, and narrow, making it look like she’s constantly judging someone. Her eyes show nothing of how she really feels, and her face is inaccessible, only showing the emotions that people expect her to have. Everything about her is severe, her pulled back hair, sharp nose, high cheekbones, and thin lips.  

    She carries very little with her, her apartment being almost bare, everything vigorously cleaned and neatly methodical. After a day of work, she comes home, turns on her record, and lays down, feeling the breeze waft through the gauzy curtains. It’s her comfort place, but it’s also her biggest insecurity, always fearing that one day she’ll lose it all. 

    Due to being so private about her life and who she is, the people at her work, coworkers and patrons alike, often pester her with questions about why she’s always alone, what her past is like. To the incessant questions about who she is, Irene merley replies, “I’m nobody.”


    Dialogue Activity

    Character 1: Evangeline/ Evie

    Character 2: Irene

    Scenario: Evie and Irene are cleaning at work. They’ve just met, and this is the first conversation they’ve had.


    “Y’know, this place is a bit of a dump.  It takes a certain type of person to work here,” Evie emphatically stated.

    “Excuse me? What did you just say?” Irene questioned.

    “No need to get offended sweetheart, I’m just trying to say you don’t need to get all dressed up and act so serious all the time.”

    “Dressed up?  I’m wearing the same uniform as you, Evangeline.  Mine’s just not a mess like yours,” Irene responded, rolling her eyes.

    “It’s Evie, not Evangeline, Evie.  I’ve said this before, so get it right.”

    “Ah yes, your silly little nickname you insist on being called. You just had to yell it out the minute I started working here, as if it was life and death.”

    Evie looked up from half-heartedly wiping the tables, irritation in her eyes.  “Y’know what new girl, you should just shut your mouth before you say something really stupid.”

    Irene looked up too, arms crossed, a small smirk on her face.  “Stop whining, you brat, and maybe  you should shut your mouth, because you’ve been saying stupid things since I came here.”

    “Alright, you want to be like this, fine, go ahead.  Have fun with it,” Evie responded as she threw down her rag and stormed away.  

    Irene, chuckling to herself softley, went back to cleaning.  “What a whiny little brat,” she muttered under her breath.


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