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    Money Talks


    As the Biden administration continues to scrub the stains out of left by Trump on Capitol Hill, a new debate has been sparked among the country’s leaders. For many years now, people of a younger generation have called for a minimum wage increase as the cost of living has gone up while minimum wage has failed to follow its counterpart. The current plan was to tack on a minimum wage increase in the next COVID relief bill, however it has reached a few roadblocks. 

    First, many are arguing that the increase to $15 an hour may cause the price of goods to inflate. As the cost of labor increases, it may force small businesses to upcharge on items that normally would be on the cheaper side. In addition, it may harm small businesses who can’t pay out the increased cost. 

    Second, many Senate and House leaders are worried that it may get the bill caught up later  in proceedings. As the wage increase has been in debate for many years, it’s possible that Senate leaders would be opposed to including it in the bill and possibly cause delays in its ratification. The next COVID package is around 1.9 trillion dollars as of the moment and it’s unknown how much of that is actually going towards raising the minimum wage. 

    While many factors are still undecided at the moment, there is clear evidence that a $15 minimum wage would help impoverished Americans and families who are still feeling the adverse effects of the pandemic. Those who have been able to return to work could greatly benefit from the increase giving them a breath of fresh air in a time where it is much needed.

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